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"Nate and Julie Campbell are upstanding young people with tremendous work and business ethics. Combine that with their great people skills and you have a winning combination for success. You can bet that every package of grass fed beef that they hand over to you is pure excellent quality meat that tastes superior to any you've ever tasted."
Peach Stebbins
Port Townsend, Washington

"Best Hamburger EVER! I never had to drain extra fat/grease - there was none! Thank you guys for being so flexible, easy to work with and producing an amazing product!"
Misty Staebler
Yamhill, Oregon

"Absolutely incredible owners -and AMAZING meat!!! So so good!! Wow! I was gifted some - and I can’t wait to try more! So so good"
Stormie Van Patten
Bend, Oregon

"Absolutely beautiful individuals, and the best meat I've had since I left home 13 years ago. The owners are such positive and kind people with BIG dreams for this business. I can't wait to eat more of their product and work with them on some #neighborshelpingneighbors projects!"
Echo Mayernik
Portland, Oregon
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